Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Optimus Prime: Leader Class

Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!

I know, I know. Old stuff. But I just got it a few months ago, due to the low stock available in my town. This is the Transformer Movie version Optimus Prime. Got to say, this got to be the best action figure in the Transformer Movie toy series.

He have movable fingers. The action figure includes light and sound. It's 12 inch tall and on the vehicle mode, it's about 20cm long! Almost everything is there! The sculpture look almost alike! When change back to vehicle mode, the sound will change to a truck horning sound, instead of cybertronian shooting sound.

Soon there will be another same model release of this Optimus Prime with better head sculpture and the weapon changed to sword instead of gun. So which do you prefer? Sword or Gun? The transformation is pretty much easy, compare to Brawl: Leader Class. That only my opinion though.

All right, that's it for now! Time to end this short toy preview post. I hope this pictures and little description can help you a little bit. Okay, thanks for reading and see you! Autobot! Transform and Roll Out!


Prim3 said...

I got this too.. I still prefer the good ol' Prime instead of the movie one..

SWATwolf said...

walao, u also got?!
XD yeah, old tf is nice but pricy! :x