Monday, December 24, 2007

Sydney Tower & Oztrek

2 in 1 make affordable!

Up, up onto the Tower!

Our next stop, the Sydney Tower and Oztrek. Those 2 are consider under 1 package. The tower are basically introduce you to Sydney in short way. Definitely my type! Won't want to go long explanation. Pictures! Start rolling.

Get what I meant by 2 in 1 now?

I guess this is practically what we do on the tower.

After going up to the tower, we missed the Oztrek and have to wait for the next round. So, we went down to have some lunch at a food court. We saw lots of "special" people dancing about and asking for money. I saw one special one, "I'm an emo Banana." But I only manage to take this one down. Pretty good performer! He dance like a robot!

Smile for the camera.

The Oztrek is a great ride! What I meant ride is a visual 3d ride where you are in a some sort of flying object, flying you throughout the Australia. And not to mention some thrill ride which your chain move about quickly.

Candid shot in Oztrek. No camera allow!

Alrighty... where to next?

Soon coming right up! Stay tune and thanks for viewing and wasting your time!

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