Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Anyhoo, I have no idea why I'm doing this silly tag by Tou-Milo

1. Do this tag and answer all the question into your own blog.
2. Delete one question from all the question and add one of your own question, make sure it is 20 question.
3. Tag 8 person.

1. What is your dream when you are small kid?
I wish my car was a Transformers. ¯3¯

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
Being a good boy.

3. What you wish to have now?
A 40GB white PS3, The Eye of Judgment, Warhawk, and oh... money.

4. How long you never horselaugh?
Um... Long long time ago.

5. What did you realize this recently?
I'm a plastic and game addict.

6. Which bad habit that you cant accept the most?
Don't know, Don't care.

7. When you got something unhappy, what will you do?
Sleep is good.

8. What you afraid of losing?
Precious time for me to sleep.

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realism one?
To own all three next-gen console!

10. When you met someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
Huh? Wut?

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
Annoying, look down on people, and unfriendly.

12. What is loneliness?
Loneliness is where you can sleep peacefully without disturbance.

13. Do you satisfy of your life now? Do you think any changes should make?
No. Me want more money to buy what I want.

14. When is the most recent time you feel touch?
Most of time! Geez, I'm such am emo.

15. Where is the place that you visited and you feel the most beautiful?
Never really though about that.

16. Use a song to describe you feel for this recently.
I believe I can fly... WHOO!

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
Bring me to fantasy world!

18. Do you have anything to worry or scare this recently?
Phailed in study. D:

19. If the World is going to end, what will you do?
OMG! My precious consoles and toys are gonna burned!

20. Do you think that you are cheap or expensive?
Duh! Expensive. >_>

8 person to tag:
Reveur, Dyna- Storm, Phoenix_Cypher_K1, Sheep319, SK, vIn, Mr. Penman and tokyo_nights

p/s: Do it Faggots!

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