Monday, October 15, 2007

More SD hauls

More and more SDs are coming out!

Lately, XL-Shop had a lot of SD Gundams restocked. I bought quite a number of SD Gundams despite so some old SD Gundams had been restocked and I thought this is my chances to grab what I wanted to have.

So, here's what I got:
  • Shibai Sazabi
  • Gundam Astray Red Frame
  • Gundam Starghazer
  • Gundam Astray Gold Frame
While the other two was bought online and locally. I got the Gundam Force Impulse for on RM18 with free shipping somemore. Since I won 2 Shin Asuka for my club's anniversary, couldn't help getting a Gundam to pair with him. Honestly, I hate Shin Asuka.

Surprising, I saw one local store at my town selling this Musha Gundam, Gundam Daishogun (Gundam Evolve Version). At a price for RM50, it's quite expensive actually but since it's hard to find. Well... couldn't hurt spending a little bit more on it.

Talking about buying more and more Gundams, which make my collection more and more unassembled. Goodness, wonder when will I finish up my Gundams.

My Collection so far.

That's all for now. Looking forward to blog sometime again. Recently, I'm spectacularly busying with my school work. Final exams is coming soon, lots and lots of assignment to be accomplish. Alrighty, thanks for reading and see ya!

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5thLuna said...

its same with my room~~

lets shera our gunpla works!!