Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka Birthday Bash!

The night never end with these people.
  • Steven
  • Keh Shiun
  • Tomi
  • Carol
  • Kimberly
  • Jimmy
  • Chris
  • Lance
  • Gary
  • Ian
  • Anna
  • Huiying
  • Adrian 02
  • Augustus
  • Destiny
  • Shi Kang
  • HK
God, thats a hell of a list.

We missed Keh Shiun birthday and wanted to celebrate his belated birthday. Hoho, I skipped my class and went to have a secret operation. So, what was it? I'll let the picture do the talk.

Tomi's car.

The party starter for the birthday bash!

Alright... we got the cake and off to Carol's house to have some set up. About tonight's birthday bash. And after playing Wii for a while, we went out with the others to have dinner together. Everyone was hype with the Wii, the PS2's dance pad, the dota and lastly not to forget, the Nintendo DS.

Woot. Sign had been given as we are off to get ready for some bash. Okay, pictures!

1st attempt la... epic failed.

2nd attempt! Epic Win! Blur pictures though.

Destiny was clever enough to fool Keh Shiun for the 2nd time. He picked up the cake and talk to Keh Shiun, "The cake is a bit weird la..." *PIAK!*

Oh noes, I'm one of the victim! Some cake fight too.

Didn't manage to take pictures of Destiny and our President, Ian who got smashed on the face too. It was fun and messy as well. Haha, after all. Its house cleaning. Gosh, its cake almost everywhere. Even the car park.

It's time to open the present. But can you? Keke.

Haha, took him about 4 minutes to open.
It's Evagelion Unit 00!

I wonder who's that.

An event is never complete without a "Jump".

It was fun! One of the best event on August. Nuff said, today is the last day of merdeka. Keh Shiun is 19, Malaysia is 50. Haha. Thanks for reading. Till, then stay tune and See ya!


russ said...

haha that looks fun dude. happy merdeka!

Edo Phoenix said...

Too bad cannot be with u guys....... my mum always cared for the elder one....... but it's been fun with u guys until my time has come...... Happy MERDEKA !!!!!!!!!

By the way....this is adrian.....nothing much with my new blog. Come if u wish 2 know......

SWATおかみ said...

Russ: Happy Merdeka to you too!

Adrian02: Haha its ok. Glad you came. Happy merdeka to you! :D

Neko chan said...

LOL....celaka...i oso kena cake dat nite.....innocent me....T_T....XD

anyways...had fun...dint get to ply Wii tho...><" happy merdeka to all...

SWATおかみ said...

lol, next time can play de la... haha. who ask u go near keh shiun. =P

jimmychin said...

haha.. u jump i jump.. we all jump

Serene said...

Yea.. Cake n cream all over the my house XD luckily you guys helped me cleaned hehe.. tis afternoon saw stil got cream on the table fan lol

nerdrazor said...

AJay looked like... Saturday Night Fever!

SWATおかみ said...

serene: hope ur parents does notice :S

anwar: dance fever! nyoro~n

AJay said...

Mai ku lampa.... i jump not guud.......... -_-|

bt nvm.... hahaha^^

i wan to play wii............ XD

SWATおかみ said...

refrain from using Foul Language. Haha.

or no Wii for you! >:3

AJay said...

haha... ok ok... =P

Serene said...

XD lol Yup, A Jay.. wa.. another funny foul language :P I wan play DDR~! :( Din play tiok.. lol Parents din notice XP they singing karaoke at living room now hehe.. unless they see the vid ^^"

rain said...

anyone wants more cake?

SWATおかみ said...

no thanx. LOL