Friday, July 6, 2007

D-Arc: Crimson Mode

カッドスァシ!Card Slash!

Last time, I used to be a Digimon Fan. Well... I still am now. But not that hype anymore. One of my favourite Digimon series: Digimon Tamers.

Box Art of D-Arc.

Took me 3 years to search around everywhere and all I end up is finding a Imitation one. Last year, I was in Pasific Megamall, Butterworth. I saw this D-Arc in a shop and ask to show me. Its Original! I asked for the price and heck it's still cost MYR75. Furthermore, the box is all dusty. I didn't buy because I didn't brought enought cash with me.

D-Arc and 2 Hologram Card.

Next day, I came back and negotiate and finally I got the D-Arc for MYR65. Still pricey though. Surprisingly, the D-Arc comes with 2 Hologram Digimon Card. A Dukemon Crimson Mode Card and a "King Digivolve" Effect Card.

Card Slash!

Likely, the game play is like the others, shake, meet villains, battle and repeat until you meet the boss. The different thing about this you can slash your card, but only with some special card, and it will be able to read the card data and add power to your Digimon.

Just a little updates about my toys. Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

WAH! new toy!



SWATおかみ said...

LOL. Thanx. Shack shack!!!

ChaosWaltz said...

Hey dude, I just won this exact D-arc on Ebay. I was wondering if you can help me out with the instructions and such! I know this post is really old o.O [1 year to be exact :P]. But.. Yeah :P Give me a shout ;o

SWATwolf said...

hey chaos,
what might u need to know?
and i got one important thing to tell ya. The 2 card given are not for slashing, unless there's a black bar on the side of the card.

ChaosWaltz said...

Yeah that was my question, because you stated that i needed a "special card". With the other d-arcs or d-powers, You just need a plastic card such as a Phone card or something that is thick as the original. Does this card come with the package or do I have to hunt for it else where :(?

SWATwolf said...

sry for the late reply!
the card is like the normal digimon trading card game but the difference is that they have a long side black bar along the card. ^_^