Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hori Screen Protector

Get to know the original copy of Hori Screen Protector.

Recently, I found many shops in Malaysia have been selling imitation copy of Hori Screen Protector. Now, I'm going to show you, readers some errors about imitation Hori Screen Protector.

The following pictures were taken by one of Lowyat Forum, MaggieMee.

Click to view for more clearer error on the Imitation Copy.
  1. Only the original copy have that kind of shape.
  2. If you notice, the Nintendo logo is different from the Nintendo Website. The Imitation copy uses Time News Roman Font.
  3. Next, Im sure you notice this, the word "Lite" have been mistakenly type as "Life".
  4. The Kanji letters there are more out of space rather you can see clearly on the original copy.
  5. Again, the word "Lite" is different from the official word "lite".
  6. The font on the Imitation Copy is different from how Hori prints theirs on the Original Copy.
  7. Same goes as the Error 6.
  8. There is a mistaken on the Kanji, "上" as it is suppose to be "下".
  9. Same goes as the Error 6.
  10. Same goes as the Error 5.
If you notice, the color on the Imitation Copy is more darker and the Nintendo DS lite picture is like being fotostated.

Next, let's take a look at the content inside the Hori Screen Protector. Inside, the only thing you will see in the Original Copy is 2 screen protector and a clothes. Imitation Copy have a small cardboard to let you push the air out (which you can actually use your ruler to do so). And also, there are only 2 English words in the Original Copy, which are "peel me". Please take note of that.

Content inside the Original Hori Screen Protector.

I hope my information will help you all from buying Imitation Hori Screen Protector. Thanks for reading.


mr-penman said...

that's why I'm sceptical to buy games related locally... they screwed their own market.

pls dun give me that crap excuse, as everyone go for "cheaper" solutions...that's why they have "alternatives".

that's not a valid reason.

mr-penman said...


Witness, pls refrain your state #2:
"If you notice, the Nintendo logo is different from the Nintendo Website. The Imitation copy uses Arial Font."

- - - - - - -

(PW present strong evidence track)

The imitation copy uses Times New Roman, not Arial.

From the visual, Imitation point #2 shows a the "Nintendo" logotype is in Serif type, where as Original shows it in Sans-serif type.

Arial is a sans-serif typeface, and Times New Roman is a Serif typeface.

Therefore, the imitation used Times New Roman.

How do you explain this, Mr Witnes?


- - - - - - -


GS/PW fever continues! whooootttt!!!


SWATおかみ said...

agreed and noted :3

mr-penman said...

Mr Witness... I have to penalise you!


SWATおかみ said...

too much gyakuten saiban lately eh? LOL