Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mario Stylus Gashapon by Yujin

Special Stylus that you might not find it anywhere

The stylus itself are not joined as you are require to join them yourself. 1st of all, I never thought joining up the stylus was that hard. But as the result, the stylus are pretty strong and shows no sign of loose. The grip are very well too, basically it will give you a very nice comfortable gameplay which requires heavy touching games such as Elite Beat Agent or even Warioware: Touched!. And also the stylus comes with a cap with allow the stylus head to keep away from dust. Since the stylus are quite big and might be a problem to someone who like bring the ds around, that wouldn't be quite a big problem as the cap for the stylus provided a phone strap kind which enable you to tie the stylus onto your ds or even your phone? Haha.

If you are unable to find any local shop selling this gashapon stylus. You can get it from XL-Shop

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